Andy Griffin


Learning the ropes as a Licensed Realtor in one of the sharpest downturns in American history was paramount to the success we have today with our clients. From 2010 through the early months of 2013 the Real Estate market was in constant flux. We where able to assist our clients buying Millions of dollars worth of rental homes with double digit returns, procure and dispose over a Few Million Dollars in profits for our fix and flip investors and placed many families in homes that exceeded their dreams. We managed to sell 6 homes over 1 Million dollars, including our biggest sale to date of a wonderful estate in Scottsdale at a staggering 2,863,000.

As the distressed properties have started to burn off in 2013 and traditional real estate is back dominating the Phoenix area market, I take great pride in the effort it took to succeed during those trying times. Thinking outside the box on everything from selling, marketing and negotiating has allowed me to bring an aggressive game plan for the Families I represent and Investors alike. My team and I ran full speed at the market when most Realtors either threw in the towel or refused to acknowledge the dramatic shift and got left behind.

Additionally, In 2011, I earned the distinction of “Certified Scottsdale Real Estate Specialist” from the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors. This designation is earned by fewer to 70 agents each year. I also earned the trust of many new families and investors and am most proud of that.

Leading up to my time as a full time Realtor I was hard at work as an Investor myself. From 2007-2010 I concentrated on buying properties that where in distress, added value to them and sold them for a profit. I was able to sell over 6,500,000 in homes during this time and worked my way through many of the struggles investors have to maintain a double digit return on these projects. This three year period of experiencing the trials and tribulations as an investor during the worst economic crisis has put me in a position to be able to look any investor in the eye and feel confident that I can bring a tremendous value to their team.

As investors, we all know the risk involved with Real Estate and especially in the Scottsdale / Phoenix Market where the market seems to sway like a pendulum. This is why the best part of my job as a licensed Realtor is assisting families in finding the new home of their dreams, but by bringing the investor mindset to the purchase. Its easy for us to fall in love with a new home and “have to have it”. Its much easier as a Realtor to nod your head yes and agree and push a client into a deal that doesn’t make the best sense for them. Many clients get frustrated at me in the beginning because I am always looking at the numbers and trying to ensure that we minimize the financial risk. Those same clients are the ones who give me the biggest hugs when we close on the right house, in the right area, for the right price.

I am also able to bring experience on the financing side as I was originating mortgage’s from 2004-2007. Having a complete understanding of these sometimes complex transactions allows me to protect my clients in ways many other agents have never experienced. I refuse to be outworked by any other Realtor, and you will not regret allowing me the opportunity to prove my value to you.

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