Jackson Brennan

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Cell: 480-648-8808
Email: jacksonb@venturerei.com

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now" Chinese proverb

Jackson Brennan’s diverse skill set, comes from his personal and professional life experiences.  Growing up in a family business he quickly learned the value of personal engagement and understanding.  With a MBA in Business Administration and a business background, Jackson understands that his clients have different real estate goals, ranging from purchasing a primary residence to an investment property and everything in between.  He also understands that each of his client’s goals require a personal and analytical approach to achieve these real estate goals.  As an Academic All American, he uses his competitive sports background to strategize and negotiate on behalf of his clients.  It is through this lens that he works with clients to understand, define and achieve a successful real estate transaction.  

Jackson works with buyers, sellers and investors to identify, evaluate and negotiate real estate transactions.  He has experience in selling million dollar homes, buying and selling primary residences, fix and flips, buy and holds, vacation rentals and secondary residences.  And understands that each of these real estate transactions require an individual and custom strategy to achieve success for his clients.

As an investor himself, in the Phoenix greater area real estate market, he is continually scanning and evaluating the real estate market and identifying opportunities as they become available.  These opportunities come in many forms, from under valued properties, high demand/appreciating areas to income producing commercial/residential properties.  The best way to understand the real estate market is to continually engage, monitor and evaluate the current pulse of the market.

Jackson understands that in this day, everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent, however each real estate agent’s skill set is crafted by their unique background, education and life experiences and it is these qualities and skills that separate agents from the rest.