Frank Vazquez

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Cell: 480-466-5375



"The Dream is Free. The hustle is sold separately" Steve Harvey

Funny, charismatic, personable are some of my traits that people use to describe me. I love what I do, but I also love to have great time.

I have been in real estate now for approximately 4.5 years. Prior to real estate I was a systems/network engineer for a local municipality. I decided to get into real estate because if Phil Dunphy could do it, well so could I. I actually landed in real estate as a means to help pay off my student loans. I quickly found out that I was good at selling homes.

So, I hung up my pocket protector and became a full time realtor in April 2017. Originally, I grew up in San Diego where I went most of my life.

I joined the military at a young age and spent 11 years serving this country. I did three tours in Iraq and was medically discharged in 2006.

I have a loving and supporting wife (also a realtor) and we just had a new born son on March of this year. This year has been a blessing with the new addition but I also look forward to this new venture with this amazing new company.